International conference in Budapest
Karl Polanyi’s Ideas and the Contemporary World System Transformation

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2004 November 5-6 (Friday and Saturday)

Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS - Budapest, Roosevelt Square 9)
Institute of Political History (IPH - Budapest, Alkotmány Street 2)
Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB - Budapest, Fovám Square 8)

Hungarian Academy of Sciences (sections II. and IX.) - Institute of Political Sciences of HAS
Institute of Political History - College for Social Theory of CUB
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Patron: Szilveszter E. Vizi (president of HAS)

Friday, November 5

9.00. Registration (HAS – first floor, outside formal hall)

9.30. Plenary session (Chair: Ádám TÖRÖK, HAS - formal hall)

Opening address: Szilveszter E. VIZI (President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
and Marguerite MENDELL (Director of the Karl Polanyi Institute, Montreal)

Inaugural lecture: Kari POLANYI-LEVITT
(Honorary Member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Professor Emeritus, McGill University, Montreal)

Panel discussion: Development and the Contemporary World System
Speakers: Samir AMIN, Mihály SIMAI, Tamás SZENTES, and Stuart HOLLAND

13.00. Lunch

15.00. Panel sessions at HAS or IPH

A. Development Studies in Higher Education (Chair: Tamás SZENTES, HAS - chamber, in English)
Speaker: Louk de la RIVE BOX

B. The Intellectual Legacy of Karl Polanyi (Chair: Ayse BUGRA, IPH – room 133, in English)

Berkeley FLEMING: Polanyi Meets America
Peadar KIRBY: Karl Polanyi and Human Livelihood: Timely Contributions to some very Contemporary Debates
Andrea SZEGO: Contradictions and Cacophony: Karl Polanyi's Reception in Hungary
James PUTZEL: Karl Polanyi and Today's Debates on "Failed States"
M. CANGIANI and C. THOMASBERGER: "The Conflict between Capitalism and Democracy in the Age of Globalization"
Duncan CAMERON: The Next Great Transformation

C. The Life and Times of Karl Polanyi (Chair: Mária ORMOS, IPH – room 331, in Hungarian)

György LITVÁN: The Young Karl Polanyi
Tibor HAJDU: Karl Polanyi and Emigration Politics during World War Two
G. M. TAMÁS: The Invariances of a Mild Revolutionary
György CSÁKI: The New Hungarian Edition of The Great Transformation

18.00. Evening program


Saturday, November 6

9.00. Workshops at Corvinus University of Budapest

D. Neoliberalism and the Evolution of Capitalism (Chair: Pat DEVINE, CUB – room 2001)

Kunibert RAFFER: Neoliberal Capitalism: A Time Warp Backwards to Capitalism's Origins?
André MOMMEN: The Great Transformation Revisited
Judit BODNAR: Great Expectations or How We Came to Love the Market in Eastern Europe
Laszlo KOVATS: Ships, Seaman and Polanyi
Ferenc MISZLIVETZ and Jody JENSEN: Global Social Movements and the Critique of Neoliberalism

E. Regions of the World System: Core and Periphery (Chair: György CSÁKI, CUB – room 297)

Arno TAUSCH: Beyond Cultural Warfare: Polanyi, Europe, and the Muslim world
Dic LO: China, the ’East Asian Model’ and Late Development
József BÖRÖCZ: How Size Matters: The EU as a Geopolitical Animal
Attila MELEGH: Under Liberal Eyes: East European Societies and the Great Re-transformation
Ravi Arvind PALAT: Empire and Market: American Drive to Imperialism and Asian Regionalism
Miklós LOSONCZ: Economic performance in the EU and the US: a comparative analysis and implications for the world economy (absent)

11.00. Coffee break

11.30. Report back from the Workshops and Closing Plenary Session (Chair: Björn HETTNE, CUB – room 2001)
Stergios BABANASSIS: Small and Medium States in Globalization and Regionalization
József BÖRÖCZ: Redistributing Global Inequality: A Thought Experiment

14.00. End of conference

Organizing committee: László ANDOR, Gábor VIGVÁRI, János MOLNÁR, Szabolcs SZAJP,
Phone: (36- or 06-) 70-3117748. E-mail: Homepage: